Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance learning or e-learning is a new method that allows instruction without physical contact between a teacher and a student. Due to the integration of computers and the Internet in schools, it has become an important part of today’s society. Having this tool in any learning institution is important, as it enables students to gain new knowledge in the comfort of their homes. Scottie Go! is a hybrid educational game that supports distance learning. It gives kids an enjoyable way to learn about coding and programming even at an early age.

Scottie Go! is a platform that makes use of distance learning, and it has many advantages. These are the benefits that it offers for students:

Enjoyable Coding Lessons

Coding and programming should be learned in a fun way so that students can easily retain the lessons. Scottie Go! allows this to happen, as it helps them know about the basic concepts of programming through a highly interactive hybrid game. Not only that, Scottie Go! also widens a learner’s imagination through story-based situations where they try to solve a given problem. Rest assured that your student will never have a dull moment when engaging with Scottie Go!

Pace-based education

Scottie Go! Dojo uses quest-based activities that a teacher sends through the SG! Platform. Students can then solve the problems at their own preferred timeframes since the traditional academic schedules are not followed. This allows students to study at their own pace and maximizes their ability to learn. Here in BeSmarter, we believe that different kids learn at different speeds. Our platform can help students enjoy coding and programming without pressure.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

As an e-learning platform, Scottie Go! allows students to study in any place that they want to. Be it in the living room, bedroom, or garden, they can learn new things while staying comfortable. This can give them freedom in gaining new information, as learning will not be limited in the four corners of their classroom. Through this platform, a student’s learning capacity is optimized since they can work at their most productive hours. Furthermore, the platform allows learning despite school cancellations. In times of natural occurrences such as the COVID 19, students are still encouraged to learn despite closed campuses.

Quick Monitoring

After completing a quest created by the teacher, the students submit their work online through the SG! Platform. This quick method of returning outputs results in immediate evaluations regarding their performance. Through this, it will also be easier for teachers to grade their activities, as the whole process is digitized from beginning to the end. Parents are also given the chance to see their child’s progress with the help of this method.

Two-way Support

Distance learning requires both teachers and students to have the appropriate tools. Here in BeSmarter, we will be able to provide both parties with the necessary technologies to optimize learning in home settings. We can give you innovative applications and hybrid games to improve your student’s coding skills in an enjoyable way. With us by your side, distance learning will never be difficult. Scottie Go! is a powerful platform that will help students master the basic concepts of coding in the comfort of their homes.

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